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The universe of tea

From tradition to modernity, Klytea invites you to travel and takes you back through 5000 years of history.

According to legend, the emperor Shen Nung was having a rest under a tree. At his side, his servants boil some water to satisfy his thirst. Carried away by the wind, a few leaves fell off a nearby shrub known in botany nowadays under the name of camellia sinensis, fall straight into his cup of boiling drinking water and color it. By testing this water improved, he realized that it was pleasant.  Thus was born a drink.

Reserved for the elites at first step, the tea will become over the centuries and dynasties, not only a beverage but also a food preparation, a cosmetic in local applications to avoid the ageing,  and a dermatological care by compresses.

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 Tea blends from leaves


All our teas are free from colourings, and are without additives or conservatives.

They all come from the renowned Chinese plantations, controlled in China and in France, according to the regulations in force.

Traditional loose leaf teas are provided in various varieties including GUNPOWDER and CHUNMEE (women’s eyebrows) in Natural quality and of various categories.

In our range there are also, perfumed and flavored teas like green tea with refreshing peppermint, and the tea Earl Grey with Jasmine flavors.

We also market an exceptional tea, a white tea, called Aiguilles d’argent.

We condition in packages of 200 g, 250 g, 500 g or 1 kg, translated into several languages for an international distribution. We are also making luxurious metal box packaging rechargeable for the KLYTEA tea

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 Tea bags

Our range of tea is completed with an offer of tea into fresh bags without staples packed in boxes of 25 bags of 2 g:

Natural Gunpowder Green tea of China, Earl Grey Tea flavored with the greatest bergamot , green mint tea.

Allow the tea bag to brew for approximately 2 in 3 minutes in a cup of boiling water

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 Piece of tea

Another way to conceive the art of tea.  KLY GROUP suggests you to take you back through 5000 years of history and going back in time in China. For the nomads, the Tea was an important nutrient which substituted itself for the deficiency in fruits and vegetables and was drunk all day long. To transport it and bring it into the trade, Chinese compacted it into plates or into cakes then molded into relief peasant scenes or legends to make it nicer.

Every representative sampling of these teas is included in a metallic box containing 20 pieces of tea packed individually in a sealed crystal bag according to a prestigious color code.

For the preparation of the tea, use iron teapots or the kettle teapot KLYTEA.

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 Refill Piece of tea

In the interests of sustainable development, KLYTEA proposes refills in cardboard boxes using the same color code of metal boxes of the pieces of teas.

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 Kettle Teapot

KLYTEA proposes a modern electric kettle adapted to this ancestral process in order to savour our tea and pieces of tea, at their best.

Electricity 220 V. White. Glass container of 1 liter

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