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The “Plus” which makes dream... To Fly away with...

Our journeys allow us to market, for example, directly a range of cans of tuna of various origins: Senegal, Equator, Thailand, according to the tastes of our customers and the respect for a sustainable fishing. Our tuna of Thailand is named after the famous port of Tunis, La Goulette.

KLY GROUPS manufactures also under its brand, according to the market and to the demand, YEAST, GROUNDNUT PASTE, CHINESE NOODLES AND VERMICELLI for a better respect of the quality.

KLY GROUPS also propose ethnic traditional products: harissa, brick leaf,  mastic resin etc.

KLY GROUPS propose from now various almond and chocolate dragees as well as candies with for some, a Hallal certification.

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Delight children, but don’t forget yourself!

Almond dragees,  Chocolate dragees, Assortments of chocolate candies, hazelnut, white chocolate and milky chocolate candies.

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 Hallal confectionery

Delight children, but don’t forget yourself!

Fruit candy with Hallal certification and assortment of jelly sweets.

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 Mastic gum

" Mastic tree or Pistachier lentisque gives a sap exclusively collected on the island of Chios in Greece. This gum with a strong-smelling is used since the antiquity and is used on pastry, on confectionery, and for liqueurs manufacturing of and cosmetics. It can also be used under other forms including therapeutic preparations, photography and pictorial industry. "

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 Chinese noodles

Savour these noodles without colouring agents, nor conservatives allergen Gluten

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 Chinese vermicelli

Enjoy this vermicelli Chinese composition: Pea, starch, French beans, water

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